Ocala Sportsman's Association Chief Instructor


Raymond Radank   

Current OSA President  -  #2 OSA NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

Chief Instructor -  Bowling Pin Match Director  -  OSA Head Chef 

If it's part of OSA, I wear a hat for it

As the chief instructor I work closely with the Chief Range Officer, Mike Bryant and together with Feg Henkel, OSA Treasurer and Association Webmaster, we make sure that OSA is a family friendly range for members and their guests to enjoy. Mike Bryant has the final say on range safety covering all the competitions we hold as well as shooter safety. Our Bylaws and Articles of Amendment give the Chief Range Officer the absolute authority to shut down any shooting activity he deems unsafe!


I enjoy instructing our members and I do not charge for any training I provide. I especially enjoy working with the ladies on ladies day and I enjoy seeing the ladies confidence and competence grow as they become experienced shooters. I team up with Feg Henkel to train members that wish to become NRA Range Safety Officers or just plain OSA Range Safety Officers. Feg and I have trained over twenty five members to be RSO's now with more to come.


Any members that would like tips or instruction just see me at the range on Monday, Wednesday or Friday to make arrangements.   

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