Ocala Sportsman's Association Chief Range Safety Officer

Mike Bryant, a life long firearms enthusiast and Safety Guru.

I am living proof that Lightning can do some very unpredictable things (if you have any doubt just ask me), so how do you minimize risk?  Be safe, don't fly a kite in a thunderstorm!!!!!

Now apply this to firearms:

1. All guns are loaded!

2. Never point a gun at any thing you are not immediately willing to destroy!

3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and actually firing a shot!

4. Know your target and what is beyond it!


If you want to see me go from 0 to "Not Happy" in a nano-second just point a muzzle at me.


Shooters, the yellow line across the Berm about 8' - 10' up is the DO NOT SHOOT ABOVE line.  In actuality, any round striking this line or above is "out of bounds" please be Safe and Responsible. All rounds must impact the lower 1/2 of the berm!  No rounds striking or below the RR ties at 50 yards and none striking or above the yellow "Warning" line.

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